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Trading Education

Education courses and curriculum to advance your trading skillset

Day Trading Courses

The ATC Day Trading education coursework consists of 3 sets of courses: Level I, Level II and Level III. Each level provides a successively more advanced set of skills that students learn in the classroom and use while actively trading. This curriculum, taught by our staff of experienced day traders, provides the students with the critical methods and tools they need to make high probability trades. These classes are taught on a monthly basis, during live trading hours. The trading education will teach our students how to:

Select stocks to trade, starting in Pre-market
Recognize high probability setups for entries
Recognize and avoid market maker traps
Control your emotions while trading
Manage trading risk
Read the tape (assessing time and sales data) to understand market maker actions and plans
Use volume in association with price action to make assessments of likely stock moves
Make a trading plan by selecting quality entries, cutting losses short and identify and manage target exits
Make a trading plan by selecting quality entries, cutting losses short and identify and manage target exits

The Level I, II, and III courses are offered in two separate packages for purchase. The “Foundation” package provides basic day trading education and consists of 5 lectures. The student may take the level I courses every month for a year, as well as view the archived lectures. This package is upgradeable to the full curriculum, which is the “Proficiency” package. This package includes Level I, II, and III (13 lectures). It is available for a 6-month period (upgradeable) or an annual period. Classes are taught once per month. This curriculum, along with participation in the ATC insiders trade room, provides educational reinforcement of the training, encouragement from instructors and other students, and most certainly, the experience gained from actively trading the market in a supported environment. All are critical elements for our Students trading success.

Day Trading Education

Day Trading Education through our Foundation and Proficiency Coursework

One On One Coaching

Coaching Sessions allow the student to work directly with a mentor who will evaluate the student’s trades and recommend methods that support the correction of a student’s individual weaknesses and reinforce their trading strengths. Students often request coaching when they are looking to move up to a higher trading level. Each Coaching session is 1 hour long and are recorded for the student. Sessions can be purchased as a single session or a bundle of 5 sessions.

One-on-one Coaching

Individualized coaching to truly hone your trading skills