Traders Exchange – Live weekly group coaching session taught by Smart Money for those looking to become Smart Money

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Trader's Exchange

Live voice-moderated session..

Trader’s Exchange is every Tuesday at 12:30pm ET. These one hour long sessions are available to all members of the ATC Insiders Chat and allow students to ask specific questions about any topic they choose. Unlike many of the "marketing schools" out there, Richard gives clear and consise answers to the specific needs of his students.  These sessions are also recorded and cataloged for future reference. The “Traders Exchange” Includes:

A Weekly, hour-long session where you can pick Rich's brain and get group coaching on advanced topics of interest to the members of the ATC Insiders Trading Room
Periodic post mortems on the stocks we traded with a strong focus on the buying and selling of smart money within the ticker
A platform that enables ATC students to focus on specifically what they need to work on as an individual

In all of these group instruction sessions, we will analyze trades taken by real traders and further attempt to bring our students to higher levels of day trading expertise.