Frequently Asked Questions

You have arrived at this website because you are thinking about a career in day trading. At ATC we want you to have the opportunity to make an informed decision. You need to be educated. What sets ATC apart from the other trading schools is that our trainers will teach you what the rest of the industry does not want you to know. You must be taught how to recognize and trade with “Smart Money”. We can assure you that the learning curve is steep.

We teach our students how to use the tape to filter out information and find the Market Maker who is controlling the stock. This is a high percentage method as we follow those who are controlling the stock and we let them set our expectations. We provide course material from very basic to advanced to make sure you get to a professional level.  

We suggest that you join our chatroom to start off and see the live trades being broken down! Contact us bellow for a $1 week trial or a monthly $50 chatroom subscription deal.

Contact us: or any social media platforms

Here at ATC, our focus is on using each trade from Time and Sales to be “Ahead of the Charts.” Not only does TradeStation have by far the best Time and Sales feed in the business, but we’ve also developed some EasyLanguage indicators to be able to plot the most important trades on our chart. The tools available have made what would take hours of scanning pop up in the blink of an eye on our charts.

Open a new TradeStation account today and start trading Equities for free. You’ll also earn a 20% rebate on all trade commissions – up to the full cost of your Ahead of the Charts purchase price.* No matter which markets you trade, TradeStation gives you the cutting-edge trading tools, education, and support you need and can never outgrow.

Many of our current students are commission free using TS select.

All indicators and workspaces are available to be downloaded on your dashboard. These are the custom indicators Rich Lepis teaches and uses. We recommend setting them up. Further instruction on how to set that up will be in the “How To” section.


Here are a few: 

My first experience in "trading" was getting burned hard by many, many different types of stock chat groups who gambled their way with penny stock breakouts. Often it would be one person calling the ticker they were getting in, only to find out they were already out with profit by the time you got in. Most of them were trying to read the charts with zero consistency. Being able to join the ATC team was an absolute blessing for me to say the least. Everything I thought I knew about trading has changed. Rich teaches you step-by-step on how to trade using the strategy that he crafted throughout his career with full transparency. He puts in the time and work to give you all the tools you need to become a consistent profitable trader. The only thing you need to do is put in the same amount of time and work through his classes. I know it sounds simple but you will be surprised by how much your understanding expands the more time you put into it. Coming from someone who used to blindly follow what stocks 'could do' and becoming someone who understands and expects what stocks 'will do' is a life-changing experience in my humble opinion. 
If you are serious about becoming a successful trader, keep in mind that charts are available for everyone to read.. but with Rich's guidance you will stay "Ahead of The Charts".
- David L.

Howdy, I joined ATC at its beginning many almost one year ago. I have dabbled in penny stocks and many chat rooms with calls out and what not and probably broke even over the past two years. When I found ATC I was in the chat for almost 9 months watching Rich and the veterans trade and learn everything I can. Its different here, Rich takes the time to answer all questions because he is truly passionate about helping us actually LEARN how to trade and wants to teach how to read prints, not just call out plays. After making some poor decisions and some big losses I knew I needed help. I signed up and just completed my first round of classes and although I am still confused I know I have Rich and the ATC team to help me throughout my journey and couldn't be more grateful for coming across this group. In classes everything becomes so black and white and Rich genuinely will answer every question you have. This is one of the greatest things I have had happen to me in my life and look forward to how my trading will grow over the coming years. This is only chat I will be apart of. I highly recommend any one who wants to take this seriously to take the classes and invest in the themselves to learn a craft that will transform your life.
- Derek Patterson

If you are looking for an Alert service, save your money. Look elsewhere. 

If you are looking to simply follow someone’s call outs, save your money. Look elsewhere. 

If you are not prepared to change your mindset about how trading works, and establish the discipline to learn a proven strategy, save your money. Look elsewhere 

Taking ATC classes initially was not easy. As a newer trader, having some “success” on my own it was difficult to adapt to learning what seemed to be a foreign language Most people  start trading by looking at lines on charts, so you could   imagine there being an internal conflict when charts become less important, and Understanding the game plan of Smart Money is our main focus. When first learning tape reading, which can be a simple way to trade if you allow it to be, I struggled with balance between what I thought I knew(not much in hindsight) and how trading really works.The greatest thing about ATC classes is that Rich is a dedicated and  convincing enough teacher, that adopting a new strategy is easier(not easy). In all of my experience with education I can count on one hand the amount of teachers that truly care that their students grasp the topic at hand. I’ve taken classes for about a year and while the foundation stays the same, each new round of lessons has adapted for how Rich sees best fit that we wholly understand how to trade by Tape Reading. These adaptations come from daily communication in the chat room of Veteran and new students, and Rich can see first hand how the lessons translate to our trading. 

Lastly, any other service or chat room that I have experienced, regardless if I’ve made money or not, I’ve never left with skills, the day I left those chats, any “value” gained was lost . ATC classes are setup for students to be self-sufficient. This is about developing  a lifelong skill, that can either be a supplement to, or turn into a full career if desired. I’m thankful to have found ATC, and inspired daily by veteran Students that continue to trade with Rich as they are proof of the process. 

If you’re looking to develop a skill, and be able to trade like smart money, spend your money, you’ve found your place

-Jason C

I have come from a successful business background and the early hard work awarded me the time to start my new endeavor into what what is widely considered one of the hardest to accomplish on a successful basis which is Day Trading. I started with no prior experience just the willingness to work hard, smart and learn about 4 years ago in late 2014 and my first year was so inglorious to say the least i was ready to accept defeat until Rich Lepis who at the time was a senior advisor noticed my ability but clear hindrances (funny part was he had never seen me face time face yet new through a few brief conversations). Since that time i can tell you he has helped me through his unmatched trading abilities, meticulous preparation, teaching, courses and continual encouragement to put me on path to both enjoying my day trading and also becoming a consistently profitable trader. I owe Rich a lot in this journey and you wont find anyone who not only has this level of abilities but who loves teaching and making his students successful and takes that personally. I consider myself one of the lucky few to be under his guidance.
- Pretish P

Welcome to Ahead of the Charts (ATC)! This is the only place where you will truly learn the correct way to “read the tape” and see what the smart money traders are planning so you can follow them into the trade and “ride the wave.” Most people believe day trading is about scalping for .05 to .10 cents. The ATC technique will teach you to consistently find trades that move .50 cents to $1. This consistency will give you the confidence to increase your share size and build your profits. Consider yourself lucky to have found ATC and be able to have Rich teach you the right way to trade. I am still amazed at how Rich can tell us what a stock is going to do before it happens. It is almost like he is the man behind the curtain controlling the markets. We are lucky to have him share this guidance and give us the insight to view things from his eyes allowing us to become independent successful traders on our own. It takes time and patience, but follow and practice the strategy that Rich will teach you and you will certainly find yourself able to become a consistent profitable trader.
- Steve S.

I am so grateful that my brother introduced me to Rich Lepis and ATC. The stock market has been an interest of mine from a young age, but up until I started taking classes with Rich I was gambling my money away.

This is the first, and only group I have been apart of and it only took one round of classes to be hit with an overwhelming feeling that I struck gold. Rich Lepis has proven himself time and time again, and will give you the framework to become a consistent profitable trader.

Rich has opened mine, and many other students, to the endless possibilities that come with being a successful tape reader. He will teach you step by step how to follow a process, build a habit of consistency and execute a game-plan that you can put percentages behind. 

If you are on the fence, the classes will pay for themselves tenfold.

-Chandler L

Chatroom Subscription (ATC Insiders): 

  • Chatroom is held using Discord App
  • Morning and Afternoon Live Meetings
  • Weekly Traders Exchange Live (Group lesson/Ability to send in questions)
  • Evaluation Channel 
  • Database of Recorded Traders Exchange Lessons
  • Trading Resources – Scanners, etc.
  • Trader Collaboration Within Channels
  • Live Trade Collaboration
  • Workshops
  • On-Site Events (Miami, New York)

Morning/Afternoon Meetings:

  • Each morning Rich does a live Pre-Market breakdown on new stocks to be looking out for during the open.
  • Morning Meetings start at 9:00 AM EST.
  • Afternoon Meetings start at 1:30 PM EST (No Afternoon meeting on Friday).

Traders Exchange:

  • Every Tuesday starting at 12:30 PM EST.
  • Link will be in #meeting-links
  • Students can send in questions to improve their trading.
  • Send questions to:
  • TE is recorded and accessible on members dashboards.


  • TradeStation is the platform ATC uses for Tape Reading.
  • It provides us with the most accurate prints from Time and Sales.
  • Custom Indicators made specifically for TradeStation.
  • Custom Workspaces and indicators are available to students to download.
  • TS Select offers $0 in commissions

Below are two examples, a morning meeting and one of our weekly live lessons.

Note that classes and courses are a separate package from the chatroom. Check the FAQ section labeled classes for further information.


  • WW - Worth Watching
  • PT - Price Target
  • PL - Print line
  • DB - Double bottom
  • SS - Stair Step                                                                                                                                                                 
  • TT- Triple top
  • TB - Triple bottom
  • DT - Double Top
  • AP - Ask prints (buying)
  • BP - Bid prints (selling)
  • MM - Market Maker
  • Buying in a stock - stock will pull back then we will see overall move up to satisfy that buying.
  • Selling in a stock - stock will pull up then we will see overall move down to satisfy that selling.

Trade Setups:

  • Students will be naming certain setups numbered 1-4 (high percent setups)
  • These setups are based on controlling prints and what the market maker is looking to do (build or make money on their position)
  • These setups are the foundation that ATC is build on
  • We will be providing a package that can be purchased that will teach students how to find these setups and read the tape. This is a great introduction package as they are taken out of live classes. Stay tunned for the Foundation 4 setups package.


  • Rich Lepis is the founder and head instructor of this methodology.
  • The methodology foundation is tape reading/time and sells.
  • Rich has over 10 years of trading experience.
  • He was a former Education Director at a Trading University.
  • He developed a trading curriculum and coaching program.
  • He has coached thousands of students and created many veteran traders.


  • These are serious courses meant for those seeking to become professional traders.
  • Classes are done with the live market; Rich walks students through trades as they develop.
  • These are done every 2 months and they last two weeks. It will include a total of 12 hours of live class material each round.
  • Each round of classes is unique and specific to the student’s need.
  • Database of recordings from beginner to advanced are available.
  • A few topics: Tape Reading, Risk Management, Psychology of Trading, Stocks Personality, Assigning Percentage to Setups, Anticipating a Stock, and Scanning.

DM Rich or the Student Liaison for more in-depth information.  Please refer to the courses section of the website for detail and pricing.