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Guide To Start Learning

I just signed up for a package for the first time. Where do I start?

First and foremost, welcome to your new journey! You have made the investment into your education which most fail to do in this field. You have a long road of studying material and practicing real time. The goal with this blog is to outline how to get started and the best route to take from a previous student’s perspective.

Stage 1: Recordings (9/13/16) Level 1-Level 3 (each level has 4 sessions that go in order)

  • This stage is for setting a foundation of the fundamentals when it comes to the stock market.
  • What to Expect to learn in these first classes
  • How to use a scanner
  • How to create a watch list
  • Market Depth/Level 2
  • Total View (Matrix)
  • Different types of orders (market, limit, etc.)
  • Bid and Ask prints (in depth break down)
  • Volume (pattens, and total volume)
  • Order sizes on the matrix (thick or thin)
  • Times and sales (What the colors mean, how it moves in pulses)
  • Using volume to anticipate 
  • Triggers
  • Market Makers (How to identify them)
  • Levels (Major/Minor/Psych)
  • Overall, this will give you a breakdown on what you need to know to get into advanced topics.

Stage 2: Recordings (Sep. 2020)

  • This round is part of the accelerated foundational 4 package
  • This round will teach you how to identify to break down controlling prints into 4 different types of trades
  • The difference between an overall story and a trade
  • Building positions vs Making money now positions
  • Print Personality (Huge one)
  • Timing (riders, off level prints, size of MM position)
  • Student recordings of them breaking down trades live
  • Overall, this is the next step after the basics to gain a foundation for what to look for and how-to setup a trade. Keeping it simple without adding too many variables.

Stage 3: Adding more advanced material (Start with Nov. 2019 Classes and proceed with 2020)

  • Nov. 11th, 2019
  • Variables and defining specific % of trades before the trade occurs
  • 3 parts of a trade we need to break down before we enter
  • Variables to take us to an advanced level
  • Training the mind to think in terms of probability/percentages
  • Print and price targets
  • Range
  • Cheaper stocks
  • Puzzles
  • Range of information
  • Triggers
  • Game plan
  • Refreshing
  • Money flow
  • Phases of a Market Maker

Stage 4: 2020 Classes

  • More detailed outline coming soon.

Tips for Studying

  • Make sure to take detailed notes and review
  • Implement learning in real time and call them out in the chatroom for vet confirmation
  • If you have questions or topics you are unclear of, ask them in Traders Exchange.
  • Create a schedule to watch and review classes

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