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Guide To Start Learning

Common Question of New Members:

  • As a new member where do I start to understanding ATC method?

Tape Reading is an art that takes immense dedication. Once this art is mastered students will be able to independently pick out high percentage setups and trades consistently. You will be able to master who is controlling the stock and what their intentions are. You will understand what to be looking for within the Tape. How to filter what is controlling prints and what is noise. How to understand when that Market Maker is going to build on their position or if they are going to make money now. Overall, Ahead of The Charts is a school to attend to master Tape Reading.

The fastest way to understand how to Tape Read is to enroll in proficiency package. These classes are meant to take someone who has no trading experience to become a successful Tape Reader. The lessons breakdown simple market structure and build on that foundation. Classes are held using the live market to have live student interaction and live trades to breakdown. We understand that not everyone can take classes immediately and hesitant to invest in their education, so we created an introductory package for new members.

The fastest way to understand what Veteran Traders and Advanced Students are calling out and trading to a high % is to enroll is our Foundation 4 Setup Package. This package will show you how to understand Print Personality in a stock which allows us to identify what is controlling. It will define 4 setups that Market Makers repeat to a high percentage. This is the most structured way of learning if you are new here!


Student Review of His Experience

1) What do I need to watch in order to properly build a foundation from ZERO?

In my first 6 months everyone would just tell me "watch TEs." I would watch 2 per day, take notes, still not learn anything because it was all information that was over my head. I had no foundation and watching TEs out of order doesn't give you the foundation. Then Andy told me to start at the level 1 class 1 from 2016 and that helped, it went over the basics, but at some point when I followed that class route into level 2, I still felt I was missing a lot of information, and that held me back from moving onto level 3 classes.

2) Where do I start?

If you don't immediately buy classes (as most people probably don't until they see how wonderful ATC really is, and not another one of the chatroom scams out there), then you are at the mercy of TEs that follow no specific path... I must've watched the Aug 28, 2018 TE 50 times before Davis (I think) sat down and walked me through the problems. It wasn't until an ATC member put in the time and effort to help coach me through that TE that I understood anything in it. I kept watching because that's where everyone tells you to start, but clearly there needs to be more information learned prior to jumping into it.

5) Advise for newbies?

This is a given for us, but not when you're new.. LEARN before you even attempt to earn! I started out with real money and maaaan did that build terrible habits. Not only that, but it took a good chunk away from the money I could've put towards classes sooner. Beat that into the newbies heads, simulated account is for learning, you get onto real money when you graduate and can trade without even looking at the chat.

Summary of Students Progress:

This student has taken the Foundational 4 Setup Package courses and it has aligned him with the right foundation to build on. He now understands what setups we are looking for and how we go about finding them. His growth has exploded from where he once was as a newbie.

It is possible to learn how to Tape Read with the chatroom and weekly group lessons alone, but it will only increase the learning period.


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