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Why Our ‘Recovery’ Is Just Another Bubble – And How You Can Profit From It

For the past seven years since the most acute phase of the Global Financial Crisis, economists, financial journalists, and business leaders have bought into the idea that we are in a sustainable global economic recovery. While most will admit that the recovery is a bumpy and uneven one, few actually question the underlying recovery premise itself. Stock, bond, and property prices have soared and exceeded their 2007 highs, tech startups are proliferating everywhere, and the unemployment rate has fallen significantly. People are becoming optimistic again – not in an unbridled, manic way, but in a cautiously optimistic way.

But what if things are not what they really appear to be when you look under the surface? What if our recovery is just smoke and mirrors or another temporary growth bubble? Unfortunately, my extensive research has proven these assertions to be true: our recovery is actually a “Bubblecovery” or bubble-driven economic recovery that will end disastrously. This bubble is driven by a global surge of over $60 trillion worth of brand new debt as governments, consumers, and corporations borrow from the future to stay afloat (and throw a wild growth party in some countries and sectors) in the meantime.

Once again, U.S. stocks are as overvalued as in prior bubble peaks, global interest rates are at 5,000 year lows (which means that the bond market is at a 5,000 year high!), and property prices have soared to the stratosphere in places like New York and San Francisco, London, Vancouver and Toronto, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, and New Zealand, to name just a few examples. Speculators are having a field day in virtually every growth-sensitive asset. The powerful, debt-driven stock market surge of the past seven years has spurred another tech bubble in which hoodie and flip-flop-wearing college kids are making fortunes from countless “apps” – many of which seem to be copies of each other and have questionable utility. None of those concerns matter much when free money is flowing into virtually every asset and sector.

Like all debt-driven booms, this one is going to end very badly. While we can’t save the entire world, we are able to hedge ourselves from the coming onslaught by profiting from the knowledge that another huge crash is coming. In my free webinar on Wednesday, July 6th at 6pm Eastern (click here to register), I will discuss several alternative investments that I believe in owning to profit from the coming global debt and currency crisis. Moreover, I will explain how you can use skilled intraday stock trading (or “day trading”) to take advantage of the inevitable surge of volatility that will occur in the final stages of the global bubble’s inflation and ultimate collapse.

I have been working closely with founder and CEO Richard Lepis and instructor Bret Nicklay – both multimillionaire traders – to master intraday trading for the express purpose of using it to profit from our current bubble economy in the absence of good, solid mainstream ”buy and hold” investments like stocks, bonds, and property. Register for my free webinar as I take you through a tour of our unsustainable global economy and you can ask me your debt, bubbles, survival, and trading questions at the end of the webinar and I will do my best to answer them. Also, I’m excited that Richard Lepis will speak at the end of the webinar and explain his unique intraday trading methods in his own words.

-Jesse Colombo
Economic analyst and Forbes Columnist
Recognized by the London Times for predicting the 2008 Global Financial Crisis


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