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You have arrived at this website because you are thinking about a career in day trading. At ATC we want you to have the opportunity to make an informed decision. You need to be educated. What sets ATC apart from the other trading schools is that our trainers will teach you what the rest of the industry does not want you to know. You must be taught how to recognize and trade with “Smart Money”. We can assure you that the learning curve is steep, and you are going to have to work hard. In today’s volatile market we often see a 200-point drop in the DJIA one day and a 300-point gain the next. While this causes great concern for traders whose holdings are only in long-term positions, the reasons for pursuing a day trading career become pretty obvious. Who wouldn’t want to consider it?

Opportunity to work and trade with a group of skilled traders to conquer the market
Own your own business; work from home; or work almost anywhere
Great job satisfaction; fast paced; always interesting
Low startup cost

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