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Trading Ahead of the Chart

Anticipate what the chart will look like before it is drawn

Our Trading School is named “Ahead of the Charts Trading” for a reason: our teaching methodology trains students to analyze stock data, price action, and volume in real time. Our goal is to teach students how to anticipate a stock’s direction before it makes a significant move. How? Simple. We teach students how to identify the “smart money” and shadow their actions. Ahead of the Charts will allow you to Learn to trade like Smart Money, by providing you with access to the best trading education and trading resources in the business.

Why ATC?

Our Trading Education

Our Comprehensive coursework coupled with personalized mentorship

Our Instructors

Excellent traders that will hold nothing back and can keep you from making mistakes that would take years to correct

Our Insiders Trade Room

Our online chat room allows you to gain the trading experience you need while working with other traders and instructors in a supportive environment

Our Traders Exchange

Continuous education outside of the classroom that allows you to get answers to advanced questions

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